What are the Best and Worst Ways to Blend Protein Powder?

The body requires protein in large amounts. Muscle growth demands it if you lift weights. When you run frequently, you risk muscle loss if you don't take protein powders as supplement. If you're on a diet and eating foods that don't have a lot of protein in them, taking protein powders is one way to make sure your body is getting the building blocks it needs to stay healthy. Because of this, many of us supplement our diets with protein powder.

You might be wondering, "But what can you do with a protein powder?" There are some straightforward solutions, as well as a plenty of other options. The good, the bad, and the downright uncertain are all laid out for you here.

Juices and smoothies: Are Good

These conditions are ideal for protein powders. In a smoothie, you just need something that blends well, and that could be any kind. Blend it with some fruit such as bananas and frozen mango chunks and liquid such as water if you're counting calories, milk if you want to up the protein content and you'll have a drinkable, and hopefully tasty, concoction.

Lazy shakes: Are Good

But what if you don't feel like giving the blender a thorough cleaning? The good news is that drinks made in a shaker bottle can be nearly as tasty as those made in a cocktail mixer. Put a scoop of protein powder and one cup of your preferred liquid like almond milk in that bottle and shake it up.

If you're using vegan protein powder you may need a stick blender to mix thoroughly because it doesn't mix as well in a bottle. 

Yogurt: Are Good
Your best choice here may be an unflavored whey powder because it mixes seamlessly and undetectably into yogurt. To round out your breakfast, try adding some fresh fruit, honey, granola, or nuts.

Whey powder is a versatile ingredient that can be added to a wide variety of foods. It tastes great in ice cream, which is surprising because most people don't consider ice cream a healthy option. 

Oats: Are A-Okay
To avoid destroying the protein content of your hot oats, add the powdered supplement after they have finished cooking. While this may be fine for some, others prefer their overnight oats with the addition of protein. Make a test serving before committing to oat-based meal prep to see if you agree because the texture can be a little gooey.

Mashed Potatoes: To be Doubtful About

Although there are a lot of recipes for it online, this is something that is up for discussion. In this recipe, you make mashed potatoes but instead of using milk, you use protein powder. As milk, cream, or sour cream are common ingredients in traditional mashed potatoes, replacing them with whey shouldn't drastically alter the taste. The word on the street is that vegan protein powder has the same efficacy as regular protein powder. 

Coffee: Caution is Advised

Caution is advised when combining coffee protein powder with other liquids, as the powder must be thoroughly mixed before consumption. This usually necessitates the use of a blender or a shaker bottle.

However, there are approaches to ensuring success such as if you make a paste in the bottom of your mug by combining whey powder and a little bit of liquid, and then pour in your coffee, it will taste and feel just like coffee with regular creamer.

In addition, collagen can be used. Although collagen is a protein and can be used as a protein powder, because it is an incomplete protein, it should not be substituted for whey in any recipe. However, it might be good for you, so don't dismiss it out of hand. Collagen is advantageous because it can be taken in the form of a drink, such as coffee, and is completely undetectable. And unlike gelatin, it doesn't turn the liquid into a goopy mess. Simply mix in the collagen and enjoy!

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