Interview with Tammy Russell, MS, RD

Hi, please tell us about yourself and practice.

I have been a dietitian for 26 years but integrative for half that time. Over the last decade, I have taken herbalism courses and am three-quarters of the way through an intensive homeopathy program. I started learning various energy healing modalities in 2008 and I now combine Accunect and Reiki to help resolve organ + emotional blocks for optimal healing.

I suffered miserably from gut problems (IBS, SIBO, and ulcers) for years until I found the right approach with food to recover. I have helped hundreds of people also to recover from their worst GI symptoms.

You specialize in digestive health & nutrition, what are some of the common myths around this?

I think the most common myth is that gut problems are 100% a motility disorder. It becomes a motility disorder, but it starts with dysbiosis and sub-optimal digestive juice secretion.

What do you think the most common mistake people make when trying to treat their digestive issues?

People feel that they can only eat meat and fat to recover from gut problems but this way of eating only suppresses symptoms and is not healing. You can recover with food, but you have to know which ones to focus on and what to avoid.

What tips would you give someone to manage digestive issues?

First, focus on rebuilding natural digestion with food, lower stress and supplements. The celery/cucumber juice actually works quite well. Eat less animal meat and fat to help spare bile which is often under-produced and/or secreted at the wrong time with gut issues.

Before someone goes to see you, do they need to do any preparatory work, e.g. complete a food & symptom diary?

Yes, I love getting a food diary! I also have intake forms.

What is one of your favorite gut friendly recipes?

I like a nice butternut (winter) squash soup

Where can people find you?


You can find Tammy Russell, MS, RD on the Casa de Sante gut health platform.
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• Twitter: Tammy Russell @ascend_IBS

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