Interview with Rachel Vanderpool, RD, GI dietitian

Please tell us about yourself and practice:
My name is Rachel Vanderpool and I'm a registered dietitian and owner of Insight Nutrition & Wellness Counseling. At Insight Nutrition, I use an integrative functional medicine approach to provide client education, diet therapy, and counseling services. What this means is that I think holistically and take many facets of your life into account when treating a client. My primary areas of focus are digestive health, thyroid health, and general wellness.

You specialize in digestive health & nutrition, what are some of the common myths around this?
The most common myth around nutrition is that in order to be healthy that you must count calories. This is a gross misrepresentation that underestimates food is as just fuel. In reality, food provides building blocks for tissues, enzymes, neurotransmitters, hormones, and confers disease-fighting properties as well as fuel! 

What tips would you give someone to manage digestive issues?
Do your own research and have an informed conversation with your healthcare providers. Ask questions, and always ask for options. If you feel dismissed by your healthcare provider, seek another opinion. Be your own health advocate!

Before someone goes to see you, do they need to do any preparatory work, e.g. complete a food & symptom diary?
I have a client intake form that asks about medical, surgical, and symptom history. But I like to reserve food/symptom diaries for an in-person conversation.

What is one of your favorite gut-friendly recipes?
Beef (or turkey) chili made with bone broth and guajillo dark chocolate

Where can people find you?
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