Interview with Chelsea McCallum APD, IBS & FODMAP Dietitian

Hi, please tell us about yourself and practice.

Chelsea is a Registered Dietitian based in Brisbane, Australia. She provides professional online video consultations and programs enabling clients from across Australia and around the world to access her specialised services.

You specialize in digestive health & nutrition, what are some of the common myths around this?

After working with hundreds of IBS sufferers all over the world, I have seen the impact that marketing of pharmaceutical remedies has had on people. To manage and maintain remission of IBS, expensive supplements and medications are not essential.

What do you think the most common mistake people make when trying to treat their digestive issues?
Unfortunately, I see many people try and manage their digestive concerns alone. This would not be such an issue if the internet wasn’t flooded with conflicting, incorrect and dangerous misinformation.

What tips would you give someone to manage digestive issues?
Find a specialised primary doctor, gastroenterologist and dietitian to help you on your journey.

Before someone goes to see you, do they need to do any preparatory work, e.g. complete a food & symptom diary?
I always have clients complete a food and symptom diary that not only looks at their intake and symptoms, but at their lifestyle factors such as exercise, sleep and stress, which can have a profound impact on their symptoms.

What is one of your favorite gut friendly recipes?
I can’t go past baked eggs or shakshuka! I have modified the traditional Middle Eastern dish to be FODMAP friendly and full of flavour.

Where can people find you?
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