How Can Preservatives In Food Impact Health?

At Casa de Sante our products are all natural, without artificial preservatives or fillers. Why?
The use of pesticides, fertilizers, and manure on agricultural produce can lead to health issues.  Manufacturers and marketers of processed food add preservatives to keep the food fresh or to add taste to the food, which is not healthy.

Color preservatives are added to raw fruits and vegetables to add color and to make them all look outwardly impressive and increase their shelf life. They are loaded with tons of chemicals, and this is not limited to just standard food but also junk food. It is not surprising at all that experts advise us to avoid fast food altogether. 

However, while it is okay to stay away from junk food, one cannot think of a life without consuming vegetables and fresh fruits. That is why it is so important to wash vegetables and fruits using water and cleaning liquids.

It is also vital that consumers look for artificial preservatives-free and additives-free food for greater safety, enhanced health, and well-being. Some credible brands are distinguished by manufacturing and selling food items that are gut-friendly and free from fillers.

Preservatives - good or bad?

Not all preservatives are bad. Preservatives are important to preserve the nutritional aspects of some foods as well. With globalization, preservatives make it possible to export and import food from distant places. There are two types of preservatives -

1. Artificial - As the name suggests, these preservatives are synthetically produced. They are commonly called additives. On the labels, these kinds of preservatives are mentioned under 'additives.' 

2. Natural - These are preservatives like salt and sugar, filled with anti-oxidant properties without their chemical composition getting altered. The anti-oxidant properties help in delaying the aging process of the food item. They make the items safe for consumption because of the increased longevity. For example, pickles contain certain oils and salts that work together to preserve the pickle's vegetables.

Artificial preservatives are not good for health. These are some of the adverse effects of consuming food filled with additives -

1. Harm To The Respiratory System

Preservatives are known to affect the respiratory system of the body. Many people develop breathing-related issues like bronchitis and asthma after consuming food that's laced with artificial preservatives. There are serious breathing problems caused due to preservatives like sulfites, benzoates, and aspartame.

2. Harm To The Digestive System

Preservative-rich food is known to impact your gut drastically. Sulfites present in artificial preservatives can drastically inhibit the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Research by the UH Maui College states that this is true even for tested foods okayed by the FDA.

There is evidence that food preservatives can cause metabolic disorders. It has been found that antimicrobial food additives can alter human gut microbes. This in turn, affects the digestive health of human beings.

3.  Cancer Risks

Research in this field has revealed that sustained consumption of preservative-rich food can increase the risk of cancer. It is so because the food contains additives like BHA and BHT, which are known to cause different types of cancers.

Artificial preservatives contain nitrosamines that are rich in nitrates and nitrites. These easily blend with the acids in the gut, forming cancer-causing or carcinogen agents. Be careful to read the label of the food item and watch out for nitrites and nitrates.

4. Obesity

Regular consumption of additive-rich food can lead to a weight increase and eventually obesity. This is because processed food is known to contain higher levels of fatty acids and harmful fats.

Ways To Avoid Preservatives in Food

  • Read the processed food item's label to be completely sure that you are not consuming unaccepted levels of preservatives.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly so that preservatives can be washed away.
  • Make veggie soups using fresh vegetables instead of consuming preservative laden canned vegetables.
  • Choose preservative-free, additive-free, and filler-free food items like Casa de Sante products.
  • Choose food items that are made from all natural ingredients.
  • Avoid junk and fatty food as much as possible.


Artificial preservatives are causing silent harm to your body - there is enough proof to support this. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay away from food items that contain artificial preservatives and embrace healthy eating to stay fit.

Medically reviewed by Onikepe Adegbola, MD PhD

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